The mosaic evolution of human species

The emergence of the Homo sapiens was not limited to a single event. It was the consequence of a long process of crossbreeding and combinations between the proto-sapiens populations, then between Sapiens, evolving in different regions within Africa (and outside it). „Every being is a multitude.” W.G. Goethe So, how

Why young men join ISIS? The psychology of terrorists

  Why some people become terrorists? What makes them join extremist movements? How does it happen that they accept to kill civilians and themselves in the name of a religious or ideological cause? There are several explanations of these psychological phenomena and a lot of theories and hypotheses. Without mentioning

The evolution of hand: how we became warriors and boxers

It is well known that the anatomy of hand had a great impact on the human evolution, by allowing the creation and usage of complicated tools. For a long time it has been considered that the human hand, in its actual form, has been a result of creation and usage

Machismo, feminism, digit ratio and facial traits

It is interesting the fact that both the level of testosterone and a person’s higher predisposition towards an aggressive behavior can be displayed by his or her facial traits. More exactly, some scientists claim that such a facial indicator as the facial width-to-height ratio (fWHR) depends on the level of

The effects of marriage on men

The fact that men who get married start displaying less competitive abilities, as compared to the period before the marriage, is very interesting. These observations mainly concern sport competitions, but are, to a certain degree, also valid for arts, science, social activism, creativity and even criminality. Scientists consider that the